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Common Eland

Tragelaphus oryx

The Common Eland is the world’s largest antelope. Due to their size, they are not very fast but have incredible endurance and can maintain a trot for long periods and are able to jump a 3 m fence.


Both males and females have tightly spiralled horns, but males are bigger and have a loose flap of skin (dewlap) under their neck and dark tuft of hair on their forehead, which becomes more prominent as they age.



As one of the most adaptable antelope Common Eland inhabit a wide variety of habits and are less suspectable to changes in their environment.  As a result, populations of Common Eland are stable throughout most of their range.

130-190 cm
200-300 cm
500-1,000 kg
Eastern and Southern Africa.
Conservation status
Least Concern
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