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Our Mission

To provide authentic safari tours that immerse our visitors in the sights and sounds of Africa as they journey through the vast natural habitats and carefully curated villages.  All the while reminding us of the important role we play in protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity, so that we can create a generation who not only understand and appreciate the natural world but actively participate in preserving it. Indeed to share results of conservation and research projects supporting species conservation and their natural habitats.

The goal is to inspire our guests to seek to do more to support the mission of Sharjah Safari, beyond just purchasing an entrance ticket. They will not only be encouraged to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle but will also be introduced to national, regional, and internationally active conservation organizations that they can support in their efforts to conserve species and their natural habitats. As is the case in all EPAA wildlife and education centres - focus heavily on education, research and conservation of animals and their habitats in the most professional and passionate manner.

Focussing on raising awareness

His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah and Member of the Federal Supreme Council, is extremely concerned about the state of the environment and in particular the level of knowledge and understanding about this amongst the citizens and visitors of Sharjah. Sharjah Safari has been established to help fill this gap in awareness while focussing on the rich biodiversity of the African continent.

Our Story

Discover how Sharjah Safari was born and how has become a unique natural destination in UAE.



The Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) strives to protect terrestrial and marine environments, and fauna and flora through education, management and research.

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