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School visits

Bring your students to Sharjah Safari for an excursion like no other

Educational Guided Visits

Sharjah Safari offers guided education tours for the students from ages 4 to17 years which are led by a professional guide who will take the students on a 4 hours educational and exploratory tour around the safari. And??, there will be an educational program of 30 minutes after the safari tour. There is a range of topics with activities suited to the learning appropriate for the student’s age and ability. Students can discover conservation and environmental stories. In addition, they will learn about the cultural and historic connections between Africa and the Arabian peninsula OR the Arabian world.

Learning outside the classroom

Nothing beats seeing animals in real life and a trip to Sharjah Safari is a great opportunity to take your learning outside the classroom. With many animals calling the Safari home, exciting places to explore and multiple routes to take. It is the ultimate learning adventure.

In Sharjah Safari,the students can have those ‘wow’ moments that help them get up close with some of its amazing animals, gain an understanding of the role of a progressive safari, and discover what they can do to care for the natural world.

 How to Book Your School Guided Visit

All school visits must be booked in advance. First, contact the Sharjah Safari booking office and provide the needed information mentioned below. Then, you will get a chance to discuss and choose among our range of activities that suites the ages of your students. Finally, you will get a visit confirmation via phone call or email.

You can contact the booking office at:
Telephone: +971(0)6 8037666
Email: booking.safari@epaa.shj.ae

The needed information
• Desired date and time of visit
• Name and address of your school
• Teacher’s name, e-mail address and mobile number
• Students Grade/Year

• Number of students and teachers

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