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The Kalahari is a semi-arid, sandy savanna in southwest Africa. Ecologically, it is a transition zone between the savannahs to the east and north and the Namibia true desert, to the west. This arid region supports an incredible array of wildlife that depends upon the seasonal rains.

During the dry season, the Kalahari has vast areas covered with red sand and dotted with trees. When the rains fall the dry river beds and gullies fill with water that inundates the otherwise dry pans, including the large Etosha Pan in Namibia, causing them to grow green.

Inhabiting this part of the Safari you will find a very impressive endemic, the Gemsbok, the Kalahari oryx. Largest of all oryx species, you can compare it with the Arabian Oryx from the Arabias Wildlife Centre. Although not a Kalahari endemic species, the Greater Kudu is one of Africa’s most beautiful antelope, tall and elegant, and the males bear spectacular cork-screw horns. The Red Hartebeest enjoy climbing on termite mounds to observe the plains around them.
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