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Domestic Animals Encounter

Meet the Boma´s special domestic animal family on a walking tour where you can even feed or touch a few selected farm animals.

During your special guided visits to the Boma, you will have the opportunity to hand feed a few different domestic animals like goats, chickens or donkeys their favourite meal.


This activity starts at the entrance of the Boma.
15 minutes
Minimum Age
All ages
One to four-year-old guests
Young guests up to the age of 14
Require an adult to accompany them to the encounter location.
Maximum participants

Terms and Conditions

Mask Policy
Unvaccinated guests, and those not fully vaccinated, over the age of 2 years are ‎required to wear a mask at all times. Masks are optional only for guests who are fully vaccinated. ‎
All participants, including children
Must follow all instructions given by the handlers.
Each participant
Must be able to understand Arabic or have a paying, participating interpreter with them.
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