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Tours And Itineraries

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The Aviary

Africa has a great variety of habitats that are home to a huge diversity of birds. ‎You can find birds in every corner of the continent, from wetlands to savannah. ‎Some of the habitats and the birds that live in them, exist nowhere else on Earth.‎ Immerse yourself in this unique environment and discover some of the most ‎diverse examples of African birds.

Birds of Africa Interpretive Centre

African birds are amongst the most diverse, numerous and colourful ‎birds of the world. The continent is home to over 2,300 bird species, ‎of which 67% are found nowhere else on Earth.‎
You are invited to visit the Birds of Africa, to celebrate this ‎magnificent diversity and uncover the secret life of these spectacular ‎animals. You will discover how they have conquered the sky, how ‎they communicate with each other, how each bird is adapted to find ‎food and a partner, and much much more!

East African Islands

The islands contain many species that have evolved in isolation from the mainland and occur nowhere else on Earth. These small pieces of land have acted like small natural laboratories for evolution where natural selection has created thousands of unique living things. Welcome to the East African Islands!

Baobab Avenue

You can discovery in this avenue the awesome Baobabs! Learn about this special trees: their adaptations to drought, their human uses and their legends and beliefs.

Aldabra Cove

Our itinerary through the East African Islands ends in Aldabra. On the north side of the Baobab Avenue we find the Aldabra Cove where we can meet the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Safari Tour Experience

Get into one of our Safari vehicles and live a real African experience! The Safari of Sharjah allows you to discover the amazing world of African animals such as lions, giraffes, zebras and rhinos; while you enjoy the views of the African Savannah ecosystem. Our experienced guides will explain all matters about zones to be visited and the animal species to be seen.
Come to the Safari Tour Terminal to board and start the adventure.
“VIP Tours” are also be available with smaller family-size 4x4 vehicles, departing from a VIP terminal.

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