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Endangered species

Because of their commitment to conservation, Sharjah Safari is the last refuge some endangered animals have against extinction.

Radiated Tortoise - CR
Ring-tailed Lemur - EN
Red Ruffed Lemur - CR
Madagascar Teal - EN
Meller's Duck - EN
Dama Gazelle - CR
Addax - CR
Mountain Reedbuck - EN
African Spurred Tortoise - EN
Pancake Tortoise - CR
Eastern Black Rhinoceros - CR
Speke's Gazelle - EN
African Elephant - EN

In recent decades, thousands of animals have been wiped out of their natural habitats – and in the decades to come, we could see around one million species disappear off the face of our planet forever.Sharjah Safari will focus on the conservation of species that are classified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Endangered or Critically Endangered.

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